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Closed Deck Pallets DYN UGH 001 Hygienic deck. Used across industry. Choose from fully reinforced or non-reinforced.
Size: 1200 x 1000 x 160 mm
Weight: N.Reinforced: 22.5 kg | Reinforced: 26 kg
Colours: Red Brown and Natural.
Runners / Feet: 3 runners
Static (kg): N.Reinforced: 6000 kg | Reinforced: 7500 kg
Dynamic (kg): N.Reinforced: 1500 kg | Reinforced: 1500 kg
Racking (kg): N.Reinforced: 500 kg | Reinforced: 1300 kg
Any statement given with regards to pallet specifications and load resistance are in accordance with manufacturer’s tests and based on evenly spread and secured loads. Application conditions may vary and buyers are advised to test the pallets according to their applications. Pallets should be inspected each time before use to make sure that they are in a safe condition and damaged pallets removed from use. Pallets suitable for racking should also be routinely checked when racked. Handle pallets carefully and take into consideration their weight – do not drag or throw them about.

Additional info

Optional Extra: Can be supplied with a non-slip coating on request.

Load bearing capacity tested at 23ºC room temperature.

Deck Options: Smooth | EHI-compatible safety edge.

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